SKYLECT reviews and supplements conventional teaching and training approaches which are inefficient to comply with the fast-changing demands of contemporary technology-driven societies. By incorporating VR technologies, adopters will benefit from easy and fast access to powerful elements such as immersion, deeper understanding of spatial relationships, enriched interactive experiences, generation of emotional reactions, and thus enhanced knowledge acquisition and outcomes. The platform can promote interaction through its refined avatars and equally cater for all learning styles, which conventional teaching methods fail to cover in one session, as they demand for skilled experts with strong teaching backgrounds. Teaching material through stereoscopic visuals, helps the development of more personal and meaningful relations, resulting in deep immersion in a gamifying mode, and better recall, while boosting learners confidence and autonomy. 

Additionally, what will lend SKYLECT extra weight is the fact that it will enable educational institutions and businesses to support the constantly increasing online learning demands, in a more cost-effective way.  As SKYLECT is designed to host high numbers of concurrent users on its platform from different locations, both on-campus and remotely, it will provide adopters with extra revenue streams.

SKYLECT will function as the intermediary between education and businesses, providing the missing link between assimilation capacity, career perspectives, and business development.   

Thus, in the corporate realm SKYLECT can serve as a collaborative platform for remote virtual meetings, conferencing and training imbuing a feeling of freedom and refinement. Users will be able to choose between standalone and online training courses in an experiential environment where they will learn through practical experience and become skilled employees while enjoying time and money-saving. 

Upon its development, our software solutions will be highly valued in schools as well.  Starting from elementary, it can well serve secondary and tertiary educational levels. Its multiple applications will be appreciated even as a full-time educational tool or as a supplement for distance learning, group and self-learning, training or a combination of full-time distance learning modes.  Most notably, SKYLECT, by providing its platform as an open-source of education, will enable skilled educators of a high caliber, to create enriched learning environments suitable for diverse learning styles, transforming teaching sessions into a hub of innovation. Students will be equipped with extensive knowledge, critical thinking skills, and self-advocacy, all of which constitute the essentials to become successful throughout their education and well beyond.